Our Organic Landscape Products

Valley Green has a wide variety of organic landscape products that are safe for our environment. Enjoy an eco-friendly lawn with Valley Green’s organic product line. Our organic line features mulch, fertilizer, lime, pond saver, and tick repellent. Our organic manufacturers are Protene, Nature Safe, Essenteria, Healthy Start, Lucerne Farms, Roots and more. Check out our Organics page for more information. organic landscaping products

There are many benefits to using organic landscape products.

  • Reduces leaching of toxic pesticides and inorganic fertilizers into groundwater
  • Uses mulch to conserve water and help control annual weeds
  • Reduces or eliminates potential toxic effects of pesticides and fertilizers on wildlife
  • Reduces costs associated with purchase of chemicals
  • Reuses organic wastes as compost

Valley Green was founded by Charles Dooley in 1990. Headquartered in Holyoke, Massachusetts, we have grown to seven branch locations supported by inside & outside sales associates specializing in turf seed, sod production, golf sales, turf maintenance, nursery production, agriculture and arboriculture. The average green industry tenure at Valley Green is well over 20 years per associate!

Valley Green, Inc. • 642 S. Summer Street • Holyoke, Massachusetts 01040 • 1.800.862.0089

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