Pet Safe Landscaping Tips

Here at Valley Green, our fur friends are a big part of our family. That’s why we want our customers to know pet safe landscaping tips to ensure the safety of client’s pets. Many plants can be dangerous to pets so it’s important to recognize the danger that could be a potential hazard.

pet safe landscaping tips


Pet Safe Landscaping Tips 

Choose a softer mulch – Sharp and hard mulch can get caught in pet’s paws and cause injury. It can also get caught in their fur.

Make sure your yard is treated for ticks – This is very important since the 2018 tick season is supposed to be horrendous.

Use simple bushes to create a barrier to the road – This may not completely block pets from the road, but a simple barrier can create a deterrent to the dangers of the road.

Avoid the following common landscape plants that are extremely poisonous – Foxglove, Devil’s Weed, Poison Oak, Poison Hemlock, Poodle Dog Bush, Oleander, Buttercup, Monkhood.

Plant trees for shade – Provide a place for your pooch to relax when the summer sun is hot.

Purchase and use organic fertilizer and pesticides – This can prevent your pet from ingesting poisons.

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