Tick Killz: Organic Tick Repellent

Tick Killz: Organic Tick Repellent This year’s tick season is supposed to be a bad one again. The rise in the tick born Powassan Virus has homeowners preparing early this year to combat these pests invading their yard. Valley Green is offering a new product this year called Tick Killz. Tick Killz products are all natural and pose no threats to people, places, or pets. The great thing about Tick Killz is that it also kills mosquitoes, fleas, and other nuisance pests. Tick Killz active ingredients are Peppermint Oil, Cedar Oil, Phenethyl propionate, and Ethyl lactate. Tick Killz is 25(b) exempt, which means no EPA pesticide registration number.

Tick Killz is available at the following Valley Green stores.

  • Connecticut: Norwalk, Plainville, and Hamden
  • Massachusetts: Holyoke, Wilmington, and Charlton
  • Rhode Island: Smithfield

Visit our locations page to contact your local store.

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