How to Pick a Landscape Trailer

how to pick a landscape trailerHow to Pick a Landscape Trailer

A good landscape fleet needs a decent landscape trailer. There are many different types of trailers that companies can select from these days. It really depends on the type of equipment you want to carry and how large your fleet is. Landscape Trailers come in many sizes. Some are large, up to 20 feet, smaller ones tend to run up to 8 feet.  We’ve got your guide on how to pick a landscape trailer.

First, ask yourself what will you be using the trailer for. If your fleet is fairly small and you just do simple jobs such as mowing and raking, you can probably get away with a smaller open trailer. Bigger fleets who do larger jobs such as large-scale mowing and hardscapes may need a large enclosed trailer. Consider also the weight the trailer is capable of towing. This is known as the load capacity.

Another thing to consider is where you will store the trailer in the offseason. If you store it outside, consider that it will be exposed to the elements. If you want to store the trailer inside, make sure you have sufficient room to do so. This means having enough room to move the trailer in and out easily.

Trailers primarily come in single and tandem axle. Choosing the correct one can benefit you in many ways down the road.


Benefits of single axle trailers:

  • They are more affordable
  • They are easier to park
  • They are lighter

Benefits of tandem axle trailers:

  • They are more stable at highway speeds
  • Their tires are easy to change
  • They can handle a larger load

Consider having the trailer custom built. This will provide you with more customization options. Common accessories for landscape trailers include:

  • Trimmer Racks
  • Water Cooler Racks
  • Fuel Can Holders
  • Mower Tie Downs
  • Aluminum Toolboxes
  • Blower Holders
  • Transport Lockdowns

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