Universities That Have Developed a Beneficial Landscape Design

universities that have developed a beneficial landscape designUniversities That Have Developed a Beneficial Landscape Design

Several colleges and universities have adopted a landscape design that has many added benefits for the campus and students. Since many students are heading back to or moving to college in the next 2 weeks, Valley Green decided to highlight the universities that have developed a beneficial landscape design

At the top of our list is New York University. They have a beneficial landscape design that helps their campus and surrounding community.

Their landscape design consists of…

  • Using natural fertilizers
  • Using battery powered tools to control air and noise pollution
  • Conservative water usage
  • Sustainable soil usage with composting and mulching.

The next is the University of Maryland. They have implemented conservation landscaping which concentrates on benefiting the local environment.

  • They use local plants
  • They provide habitats for wildlife
  • They use water conservatively
  • They have a management plan for removing invasive plants and preventing regrowth

The third is Texas Tech who has adopted a landscape design to benefit its students and the environment. They have received several achievements with their design which includes the LEED Silver Certification.

  • They collect rainwater in water in cisterns for watering
  • They have several outdoor “classrooms” they have created with successful landscape designs
  • They plant native and drought tolerant plants to conserve water and resources
  • They have created several memorials trees they have planted around campus

Landscape Design at colleges and universities has many advantages. If your university adopts a beneficial landscaping plan, consider these other benefits.

  • Aesthetics: An attractive campus is more likely to attract prospective students and their parents.
  • Cleaner Air: Plants absorb carbon from the air which in turn gives students cleaner air to breathe.
  • Noise Reduction: Plants can help reduce noise on campuses in larger cities.
  • Safety: A well-maintained university landscape could prevent accidents.

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