How A Landscape Design Can Attract Customers

How a landscape design can attract customers


Part of owning a business is making sure it looks good on the outside as well as the inside. This is why many landscaping fleets have several commercial accounts. The customers depend on you to make their business appealing to potential customers who have yet to set foot through the doors. There are several ways how a landscape design can attract customers.

First impressions always count: An unkempt landscape can be an immediate turn off to potential customers. When approached by a commercial client, try to come up with a landscape design that inviting and professional. Try to reflect the type of the business in the landscape design. For example, a more conservative business will be reflected in hardscapes, as opposed to a clothing company which may be reflected in bright colors in flowers.

Use bright and attractive colors: Color is a great way to create an inviting and exciting environment. Bright colors used at the entrance can easily improve the look and feel of a drab building.

Use hardscapes: Make the path to and from the building attractive. You can also build patios to create an attractive outdoor space for employees to eat or work outside. Retaining walls can also enhance a building’s look. Try matching the stone to the color of the building for added aesthetic.

Provide a clear view: Suggest to clients that they remove any trees or bushes around the business that may obscure the view. People are more likely to walk into a building that is easily visible from the road or sidewalk.

Focus on safety: Make sure all of the paths are clear from shrubs that may stick out. Overgrowth of weeds on sidewalks can also be a trip hazard. This goes for winter as well. Offer to include deicing sidewalks when plowing parking lots.

Use landscaping for direction: You can use landscaping to make sure the customers and employees of the business can easily find the front door. Use hardscape paths lined with flowers to show the way.

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