Safe Landscaping For Halloween

Safe Landscaping For Halloween Halloween is 3 weeks away and many homeowners are getting ready for the spookiest of seasons by decorating their yards for trick or treaters. Sure you can add a pumpkin to your doorstep, or place cornstalks on your mailbox, but this article is about safe landscaping for Halloween. Be sure your yard is prepped for the hundreds of feet that may cross it on Halloween night.

Safe Landscaping For Halloween 

The first thing you want to do is make sure your ghastly guests have a clear and lit walking path to your door. Despite your need to make the yard look spooky, make sure it is safe. Consider installing some solar lights for subtle yet clear lighting. Also, be sure to place wires out of the way and be sure to clear any debris that will serve as trip hazards.

If you want to decrease the amount of potentially dangerous leaf piles, get the family together to stuff scarecrows and pumpkin leaf bags. This is an easy and affordable way to also make Halloween decor. A lot of folks choose to light their pumpkins with live flame tealights, this can be dangerous to your house and trick or treaters. Consider LED tealights which are not hazardous. Here is a link to some you can purchase online.

To prevent property damage, place any of your breakable planters or pots inside. You don’t want them to get damaged if the little ghost wandering your yard takes a tumble. Another way you can do some safe landscaping for Halloween is to make sure all low hanging branches are trimmed. You don’t want a little one or their parent injuring themselves on a sharp branch. Be sure to dispose of the trimmed branches afterward so they don’t become a trip hazard.

Our last tip is to check your hardscapes for any trip and fall spots. If there are some that look like they could be dangerous, try to meet trick or treaters before the hardscape. Cracks in steps, a patio, or a sidewalk can trip up little feet. We at Valley Green hope you enjoy your Halloween. We hope it is happy and safe.

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