Product Spotlight DeerPro Repellent

Product Spotlight DeerPro RepellentProduct Spotlight DeerPro Repellent 

Damage from deer in the winter can be severe and can be expensive. The deer population around the northeast has exploded in recent years and we have seen customer’s winter shrubs suffering for it. Deer will regularly consume arborvitae, rhododendron, azalea, and hollies over the winter. People often erect fences to deter these animals, however, you need to make that fence at least 10 to 12 feet high to really keep them out.

Deer will stop consuming their regular diet of annual and perennial plants around the end of October. They will then start to consume acorn masts to load up on carbohydrates for the long winter. After the acorn masts have gone, they will begin to feed on plants and likely damage them. Fall is also a time for bucks to rub their antlers on trees which can lead to trunk damage.

The answer to keeping your lawn safe from deer is applying a repellent. Valley Green carries a popular product called DeerPro Repellent. DeerPro was created locally by a gentleman from Redding named Sean McNamara. McNamara is the owner of Redding Nursery in Redding, Connecticut. DeerPro has 2 formulas, one for winter and one for spring and summer. The application is simple and can last for 6 months. The spray is made from Thiram. The spray is concentrated so you will have to add water. Unlike most Thiram sprays, DeerPro is formulated to be suspended longer so it will not clog your sprayer.

DeerPro must be applied by a licensed professional. You can fill out their application to find a professional here.

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