5 Ways Winter Can Damage A Client’s Lawn

5 Ways Winter Can Damage A Client's Lawn

Winter can wreak havoc on client’s lawns and trees. With Christmas behind us, we can start to look into January and February ‘s snow storms. Mother Nature can also be fickle and leave us with random thaws that can also leave lawns damaged despite the warm weather. Here are 5 ways winter can damage a client’s yard.



5 Ways Winter Can Damage A Client’s Yard

  1. Frost Cracks: Sudden cold and warm weather can lead to tree damage. The weather causes the tree to expand and retract too fast which leads to cracking. Young trees are especially susceptible.
  2. Snow Mold: This fungal disease is usually unnoticeable until spring. Snow Mold can be identified by the pink and gray spots it leaves. Once Snow Mold takes hold, there isn’t much you can do. It will cause sparse and dead spots which will need to be reseeded in spring. Fertilizing in autumn may help in the prevention of snow mold.
  3. Salt Damage: Salt can draw moisture from the soil. Grass that grows near the road is especially prone because of road salt. You will notice salt damage on client’s lawns from the brown wilted grass it causes. You can use gypsum repair salt damage. If this becomes a yearly problem, suggest that the client plant grass further back in the yard. You can read more on salt damage here.
  4. Moles and Voles: These animals are quite active in the winter. Their tunnels can actually ruin the grass. Moles can be detected by the cone-shaped mounds that they leave. If you see signs of mole and vole damage in the spring, encourage your client to contact an exterminator or find a natural solution to get rid of them.
  5. Tree Damage: Look for any limbs damaged by winter storms. Damaged limbs are actually very prone to insect and disease infestations. Prune them to prevent further damage and remind clients that snow should be removed by hand from tree limbs. Shaking trees vigorously can cause limbs to break.

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