How Wet Weather Effects Landscape Designs

How Wet Weather Effects Landscape Designs

How Wet Weather Effects Landscape Designs 

April 2019 was the second wettest on record. May isn’t looking much better and the farmer’s almanac is predicting an excessively wet summer as well. This weather has caused many landscapers to have to delay their work and change their landscape designs. Many landscapers and landscape architects have a pipeline of work and design to follow and excessive rain can really throw that pipeline off. With all the moisture that has fallen, our article today will be on how wet weather effects landscape designs.

Wet weather can increase the likelihood of plants catching diseases. A common disease that can plague plants in wet weather is phytophthora root rot. Azaleas, rhododendrons, dogwood and mountain laurel are especially susceptible. If the weather looks continuously wet for the season, you may want to plant in a mound where the plants will be out of harm’s way. Black Spot, Fire Blight, and Apple Scab are also common fungal diseases spread by moisture and rain too.

Mosquitoes will also be an issue in excessively wet weather. Any amount of standing water can be a place for their larvae to grow. To keep the pest population down, be sure to remind clients to dump standing water. Encourage them to use a safe pesticide or mosquito trap if the pests get too numerous.

Rain can also put a damper on your regular mowing maintenance. Wet grass mowing can be ineffective for a few reasons. Wet grass will stick to the mower blades making mowing less efficient, it can also stick to the mower’s undercarriage which can slow down performance. If the grass is excessively saturated and if your mower wheel’s slide laterally, you can actually push the grass and roots out of place which will lead to ruts.

Erosion is also a significant problem in long-range wet weather. Rivers of water can cause ruts and wash away good soil. Even if turfgrass or groundcover that is meant to counteract erosion can die from root rot from the excessive moisture. When the weather clears, consider adding gravel to control the flow of water. You can also install drains and downspout pipes to control the flow of water.

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