5 Landscaping Techniques That Can Quickly Improve Curb Appeal

5 Landscaping Techniques That Can Quickly Improve Curb Appeal

5 Landscaping Techniques That Can Quickly Improve Curb Appeal

Modern real estate markets are definitely in agreement that attractive landscaping can dramatically improve curb appeal. Some clients, however, don’t want to spend a lot of money and time on a large landscaping job. They may want to sell their house sooner than later. To keep them happy and move selling time along, we have 5 landscaping techniques that can quickly improve curb appeal.

The first quick and easy way to improve the home’s curb appeal is to re-mulch beds with fresh mulch. Choose a color that is eye-catching, such as a deep cocoa brown. Making the beds shapely with even edges will also help. If it is possible, you may want to mulch any larger bare spots and plant some foliage to hide them.

Another landscaping technique that can quickly improve curb appeal is to prune down unruly looking bushes. Just don’t trim too much or potential buyers may think the yard is too high maintenance. An easy way to do this is to “skirt” the bushes. Pruning 6 inches on the underside of the bush will make the bush look neater without taking too much off the top. This technique is particularly useful on low mound type bushes like Rhodendrons.

Make sure there is a clearly defined path to the client’s door. A quick way to define a path is to clear it off the debris and lay down bricks at the edges of the walkway. You can also place solar lights at the edges, these will help attract potential buyers during the day and night. You can also encourage the client to paint their door a brighter color to add more appeal to the new pathway.

A whole yard clean up is another way to make a yard more appealing. This especially important in northern climates in the spring. Clean up fallen limbs, rake the grass, and encourage the homeowner to put away anything that distracts from the beauty of the yard. This could be anything from battered picnic tables to old vehicle parts. If moving these items leaves bare patches, make sure to spread some grass seed to cover it.

It doesn’t hurt to clean up your client’s hardscapes as well. A good powerwash can make a brick walkway look like new. If there are weeds growing in the cracks of the driveway, be sure to pull them and spray a weed killer so they don’t come back. Sweep decks and ask clients to organize their patios. A bright colored plant pot placed on a patio will make it look more bright and modern.

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