How To Develop Fall Landscape Maintenance Packages

 How To Develop Fall Landscape Maintenance Packages

Just because the busy summer season is over doesn’t mean seasonal work is over for landscapers. Autumn can actually be quite busy for landscapers. Leaf clean up, fertilization, overseeding, and aeration can easily become a lucrative way to cash in on seasonal maintenance work. With autumn less than a month away, here are some tips on how to develop fall landscape maintenance packages.

How To Develop Fall Landscape Maintenance Packages.

First you’ll want to decide what services you’ll want to offer. Research what landscape services are most popular and then start forming your packages. You’ll also have to decide when these packages should be offered and what to charge. Be sure to post them to your website and social media channels. While closing out summer work, remind clients that you are offering fall maintenance packages. You can offer them a discount if they sign up before a certain date.

Here is a list of popular fall services

• Aeration: A process in which a machine penetrates the soil to allow the easy passage of water and nutrients the root system. This process will help the lawn stay healthy during the winter.
• Reseeding: Reseeding or overseeding with cool season grasses will ensure that any rough patches on the lawn will be ready to go for spring. Often these cool season grasses grow well in the fall and are established before the spring season.
• Leaf Cleanup: With Autumn comes leaf drop. Raking and leaf disposal are one of the most commonly requested fall services. Too many fallen leaves can make a yard look messy as well as cause brown spots and provide a place for snow mold to grow.
• Fertilization: November is a great time to fertilize. Late fall fertilization gives your lawn the boost it may need to handle winter stress. Fertilization can be a confusion so clients often appreciate the fact you are handling the process for them.

When Autumn comes to close, you will have to decide whether the packages you created were successful. This can obviously be figured out by cash flow at the time the packages were offered. Use the data you have collected and apply it to creating a different package next year.

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