5 Tips On Cutting Your Landscape Fleet Costs

cutting your landscaping fleet costs

Running any type of business can be a very expensive venture and landscape fleets are no exception. Purchasing equipment, transportation, payroll, and other costs can easily deplete the company bank account. Keeping track of expenses is one of the hardest things business owners have to deal with. This is even true for small and large fleets. Sit down with your bookkeeper to figure out ways you can be cutting your landscape fleet costs. Winter is a great time to do this!

Here are 5 tips on cutting your landscape fleet costs

  1. Make sure your fleet vehicles have up to date maintenance. Regular tune-ups, tire pressure checks, oil changes, and other maintenance can decrease the amount of fuel the vehicle consumes. It can also eliminate the need to pay for the repair and towing if the vehicle breaks down.
  2. Invest in an automated time tracking system. Punch cards are a thing of the past. They can be inaccurate and easily altered by dishonest employees. Many new types of automated time trackers have mobile apps that can be integrated with programs such as Quickbooks.
  3. Perform an audit of all expenses and subscriptions. You would be surprised how many things get put on auto-pay and then get forgotten about. The best way to do this is with your bookkeeper. Reviewing your monthly bank statements is usually a good first step. After that, make a list of what expenses are the most important and which ones you can eliminate.
  4. Institute bonuses for clients who pay on time and penalties for those who pay late.
  5. Invest in battery-powered landscape equipment.  Many new types of landscape equipment are battery-powered. Battery-powered mowers, trimmers, and blowers might be a little more expensive initially but not having to pay for fuel will save you money in the long run. Most of the major brands such as Husquarvana and Dewalt now offer battery-powered landscape equipment.

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