Snow Plow Maintenance Tips

Seasonal Plow Maintenance Tips

Now that snow season is officially here, you’re probably busy getting your plow up and running. Plowing is often the best way for landscapers to make revenue in the offseason. Plows are an essential part of any snow and ice control business so it is important to make sure they are top working condition before heading out on the road. A faulty plow can be dangerous and lead to a loss of revenue from the time lost while plowing inefficiently. Because the northeast is going to be experiencing its first winter storm, our article this week will be on seasonal plow maintenance tips.

Seasonal Plow Maintenance Tips

Check your cutting edge: Experts say that if you let the cutting edge wear all the way down, the plow will actually start to work very inefficiently. Since your cutting edge is the part of the plow that makes contact with the road, you’ll want to check it and replace it often. This is especially important in heavy snow seasons.

Grease all of your electrical connections: Use a dielectric grease to apply to electrical connections. This will prevent erosion from the salt that can destroy the electrical system.

Seal your scratches with paint: Any nicks and scratches should be immediately sealed with paint to prevent rust and corrosion. Clean and prep the area before you apply the paint to ensure the coat doesn’t peel off.

Wash your plow after storms: You’ll want to give your plow a thorough washdown after you finish your last job. Snow, salt, and dirt can easily corrode and damage the plow. Washing the plow by hand is the best way to clean the plow. Power washers can actually damage the plow’s sensitive electrical components.

Check all of your fluids regularly:  This includes oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, and antifreeze. Check the fluids before each storm to make sure you don’t end up with an emergency situation while out on the job.

Check to make sure all of your lights are in working order: Electrical connections can erode away if they are exposed to salt and sand. It is a good idea to check your lights regularly throughout the season to make sure all of your lights are in working order.

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