5 2020 Landscape Trends

5 2020 Landscape Trends

A new decade brings new opportunities for expanding services and looking at new service trends. The landscape industry has a lot of trends popping up for 2020. A lot of the trends are based around using less water, urban landscaping, and indoor plant care. When starting your 2020 spring business plan, you should be aware of these trends. You should also look into where you can fit them into your service plans. Customers are always excited to see new services being offered. To celebrate the new year, our article this week will be on 5 2020 Landscape Trends.

5 2020 Landscape Trends

1. Small space gardening and landscaping. Younger people would prefer to have some green in their space even if they have small living quarters. One of the hottest trends is vertical gardening. Plants are grown on a stand on a wall, therefore saving a lot of space. This can also be done outside on a fence or railing. You can offer small space gardening and landscaping as a new service for 2020.

2. Bringing the indoors out: Adding cover to patios and setting up comfortable couches, chairs, and throw cushions are going to be a top trend in 2020. Patio fireplaces are also still trending which mix in very well with the “indoors out” trend.

3. Unique lighting: Sleek lighting appears to be a 2020 trend. Homeowners want hidden lighting that still offers subtle illumination of curves and textures. LED lights are in high demand because of their energy efficiency and unique look.

4. Environmentally sensitive landscapes: Homeowners now want landscapes that reflect a more plant and animal-friendly design. This involves planting pollinator-friendly plants, bird and bat houses, and native plants. It also involves using less water to maintain the landscape.

5. Urban landscaping: 70% of the population will be living in cities by 2050. Cities will want attractive landscaping that will inspire and benefit its citizens. This will also create new jobs and attract a younger generation to horticulture.

All of our locations are going to be stocked for spring soon.

Happy New Year from every one at Valley Green Incorporated!


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