A Message from our Vice President

Valley Green as defined today is an Essential Business and will continue to be open. There are many functions that qualify us for this designation. Some of those are.

  • We supply seed, plants and all the products required to grow food products.
  • We sell control products that keep homes, landscapes, business and public buildings to include factories, hospitals and restaurants free of pests.
  • We sell products that support agriculture.
  • We sell pet products.

Here are 3 paragraphs that describe some of the important factors that make the Landscape Industry Essential.

  • Landscapers are protectors of public health performing essential treatments to lawns and green spaces to reduce the transmission of dangerous and deadly diseases through pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.
  • Landscapers protect property and maintain greenspaces that could otherwise jeopardize public safety. Unkept fields and green spaces increase the chance of injuries. Crime rates are increased in areas where green spaces are not maintained. Tree removal is also a critical function of our industry to avoid damaging homes and their families.
  • Landscapers play a critical role in boosting morale and mental health during a difficult time for our Nation. Without landscape services fields, parks, businesses, and homes will become overgrown and unkept, which can have dramatic psychological effects on the mental and wellbeing of our communities.
  • I am confident that we will remain open. These times of uncertainty will not change our dedication to the priorities and moral business practices that we have operated under for 30 years.
  • First, we need to protect our most valuable asset, each other. Adhering to our protocols of keeping surfaces clean, maintain proper distancing and refraining from any conversations that will compromise morale or foster gossip.

Next, we need to act responsibly to ensure the business is run as it always has been, prudently and professionally. As business goes, so will our staffing requirements. Since opening the business has never closed to remain profitable but scheduling changes occur that will keep the business successful and open year after year. As we move into the next 30 days, we will react in ways to protect the staff and the business.

Thank you all for what you do. The stores are busy, and our customers want the products we offer.

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