Problem Solving Landscape Plants 

Problem Solving Landscape Plants 

If you are a landscaper or homeowner, chances are you have started the spring task of yard work. The northeast has had extremely beautiful weather the past few weeks and several flowers have started blooming already. If you are the type that enjoys low maintenance landscaping, problem solving landscape plants might be the best choice for you. Problem solving landscape plants can be anything from flowers to trees. These plants can solve many problems such as privacy concerns or areas in the yard that are too dry. Here are some examples of the best problem solving landscape plants.

  1. Snowberry: This white flower can be planted on a hillside. It will grow easily and prevent erosion on the slope. It grows in sun or partial shade. Snowberry usually flowers in spring or early summer.
  2. Hostas: The plants grow easily in shady areas and make great coverage for spots that are too shady for other plants to grow. Hostas also grow in excessively moist soil.
  3. Geraniums: If you have soil that is Alkaline, Geraniums can be planted without having to do several soil amendments. These flowers bloom in spring and summer. Their foliage turns a bright red in the fall.
  4. Evergreen Hedges: These bushes are often referred to as “living fences”. Their thick foliage provides privacy and tranquility for your yard. The only downside to Evergreen Hedges is that they require more frequent clipping.
  5. Applejack: These shrubs are one of the most cold-tolerant things you can plant! They can survive in weather below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a cold prone area, they should be perfect for you. The flowers on Applejack shrubs bloom in late spring.
  6. Magnolias: If you have a deer problem, plant a Magnolia bush or plant. Deer loathe them and have a tendency to stay away from them.
  7. Periwinkle Flowers: These are great stand-in flowers for any spot in your yard that is bare from the shade. They grow especially well under trees. Perwinkle clutches are often sold in bulk so it makes that a good fit for the budget-minded landscaper too.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a landscape fleet owner, Valley Green has the products you need to complete your projects.

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