Why Landscaping at a Business is Important

Why Landscaping at a Business is Important

Although many businesses are currently closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many business owners are starting to formulate plans for when they reopen. Going back to work after working from home for multiple months can be a stressful time for employees and business owners. You’re probably wondering how landscaping fits into all of this. Landscaping is actually a very important part of running a business. Besides making your facility look good for potential customers, it can actually improve employee morale. Having a peaceful, landscaped area for employees to relax is actually a good way for them to adjust to getting back to work. Our article this week will be on why landscaping at a business is important.

The most obvious reason why landscaping at a business is important is that customers are more likely to enter your facility if it looks well maintained from the outside. In fact, a survey said that customers are 74% more likely to congregate where there is attractive greenery in place. Safety is another reason why landscaping at a business is important. There are several ways that unmaintained landscapes can be a danger to employees and customers. Long grass can harbor ticks that may decide to hitch a ride on an unsuspecting passerby. Walkways that have trip hazards such as broken tree branches and cracks in the hardscape material can spell disaster for anyone walking across them.

If you are leasing out office space in a building you own, attractive landscaping can dramatically increase curb appeal. If you want the building to be appealing to potential renters, you have to see it from their point of view. They will not want their clients turned off by an unmaintained landscape. Chances are that if you see that you take care good care of the exterior of the building, they will know you will also take care of issues that arrive inside the building as well. This is another reason that they will want to rent from you.

Employees will also benefit from landscaping at your business. A relaxing spot where they can get back to nature can be a great way to relieve stress and keep employees focused. You can even make the employees a part of the landscaping process by asking them what trees and greenery they would like to see planted around the facility. If your business is trying to be more eco friendly, you can always start a composting program for employees to take part in.

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