Tips on Planting Grass Seed In October

Tips on Planting Grass Seed In October

Is it ok to be planting grass seed in October? This is a common question we receive in our stores. The second week of October is considered to be the last week to plant fall grass seed. Cool-season grasses that are planted in the northeast will give you a green lawn in the summer. Grass seed is one of Valley Green’s most popular products. We sell several different blends for different uses. These include everything from golf course blends to athletic field blends. This week’s article will give you some tips on planting grass seed in October.

Is October too late to plant grass seed?

The short answer is no, but there are special steps you need to take because mid-October is considered late for planting. You have to consider that days are going to be shorter and colder. Grass that is planted in October needs to germinate quickly before it gets too cold. To ensure rapid germination, the soil should be tested, and core aeration should be done. You should also thatch the lawn and loosen the soil on the bare patches. Clear out sticks, leaves, and debris so that the seed makes easy contact with the soil. Soil should be leveled where water may collect so the seed doesn’t become oversaturated.

How much should I water grass seed planted in October?

Because October grass seed needs to germinate quickly, it will have to remain moist throughout the growing process. The upper surface of the soil where the seed was sown must remain damp at all times. Water daily in lighter amounts and adjust the water amount in accordance to the weather. This watering regiment should be kept up until the grass is at least 2 inches tall.

Should I fertilize grass seed that I’ve planted in October?

Fertilizer can give the new seedlings an extra boost of nutrients as well as the established turf. The fertilization helps establish the grass faster and ensures the new grass will have an easier time surviving winter’s harsh temperatures. The best type of fertilizer for October grass seed is a type with a higher phosphorous and potassium content. Just be sure to do the fertilization 3 weeks before the first predicted freeze.

We hope you enjoyed our article on planting grass seed in October. Visit any one of our northeast locations for our custom grass seed blends and fertilizer.


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