Simple Spring Landscape Projects For New Homeowners

Spring Landscape Projects For New Homeowners

Simple Spring Landscape Projects For New Homeowners

New homeownership is both an exciting and challenging period. With the pandemic still going on, the real estate market has been doing surprisingly well. When purchasing a home for the first time, many buyers forget that with their new home comes the new responsibility of lawn care. With spring less than a month away, those that moved in over the winter will likely want to try their hand at some landscaping for their new yards. Spring landscape projects for new homeowners can be anything from planting to laying down mulch. Valley Green has been a northeast landscape supplier for over 30 years. If you’re a new homeowner that is new to lawn care, we have the products that can help you. Here are some simple spring landscape projects for new homeowners.

Cleaning up your landscape or lawn after winter

Winter can leave a mess around the yard that goes unnoticed if you’re concentrating on projects inside your new home. When the snow melts, you’ll want to survey the yard for problems that winter left behind. Cleaning the yard up now will cut down on several problems later in the season.

Start by removing any fallen limbs from storms as they can serve as hiding places for pests in the spring and summer. Not having branches strewn everywhere also looks cleaner. Look around for anything that was left out over the winter that has killed the grass beneath it. You’ll need to remove the object and reseed where the grass has died. Remove any containers that have standing water if you don’t want mosquitoes plaguing your yard for the season. They can breed in less than a half-inch of water!

Easy to grow spring plantings for your lawn

A simple yet elegant planted bed can do wonders for your landscape. There are many easy plants for homeowners to start out with. When choosing, you’ll want to pick something hardy that grows in the conditions your yard has.

  • Coneflowers: These hardy and drought-tolerant flowers grow easily and can attract pollinators. It is native to the eastern United States and has the added bonus of repelling deer.
  • Hosta: This versatile plant can grow in literally any condition. It’s an especially good choice for yards that have a lot of shade. You will have to water it regularly but only plant it once as it will come back every year.
  • Black-Eyed SusansThis yellow and black flower is drought tolerant and disease resistant. It also is a good attractant for pollinators.
  • Fountain Grass: This is a great plant to use if you want to stick with hardy northeast native plants. It adds texture to any garden when mixed with shrubs and other perennials. The grass also grows tan, pink, and purple flowers in the late summer and fall.
  • Marigolds: The only work you have to do with this flower is to plant it. It grows well in sunny areas and is extremely tolerant to extreme heat. If your soil isn’t the healthiest, Marigolds can actually grow in all types of soil.

If the former owner of your home did any landscaping, you’ll want to check to see what they planted. You’ll also want to be sure that the plant is not a weed. If they put mulch down, it could probably use a refresh. Mulch has many benefits to plants that new homeowners may miss when they first start out. If you forget to water your new plantings, mulch can actually help in keeping the soil moist. It also discourages weed growth and can protect plant roots from excessive heat. When winter comes back, mulch can do the opposite and insulate the soil from the cold.



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