Low Maintenance Shrubs That Grow in the Northeast

Low Maintenance Shrubs that Grow in the NortheastShrubs are always an excellent choice for homeowners that want to easily beautify their lawns. Shrubs are also extremely easy for landscapers to plant and grow. We have a large selection of shrub care products that can help you along in the process. It is the second week of March and spring is practically here. After a winter of pandemic-induced isolation, going outside to do some yard work (paid or not) is going to be amazing. Low maintenance shrubs can be purchased at most garden or landscape supply stores. Since our stores are all located in the northeast, our article this week will focus on low maintenance shrubs that grow in the northeast.

Low Maintenance Shrubs that Grow in the Northeast

Candy Oh! Rose

This easy-to-grow flowering shrub is very popular amongst inexperienced gardeners or landscapers. The shrub is deer and disease resistant. You can keep the pruning to a minimum and enjoy its vibrant colors all summer long.







Hardy Hibiscus

This beautiful shrub offers amazing-looking flowers. It flowers in late summer so you will have colors that last well into the fall. It grows to about four feet tall and its dark leaves contrast well with the bright flowers.







Oakleaf Hydrangea

This flowering shrub offers seasonal benefits. It offers beautiful flowers in the summer and brilliant foliage colors in the fall. It can grow in full sun and partial shade. Keep in mind that it tends to grow incredibly fast.







Blue Star Juniper

Most evergreen shrubs are low maintenance but this one stands out because of its brilliant blue color. It is also an ideal shrub for someone who doesn’t like to prune. It grows low to the ground and doesn’t spread. It can grow in several types of soil and does well in bright sunlight.








This is another low-maintenance shrub that offers year-round benefits. Azalea shrubs have evergreen leaves so they survive throughout the winter. Their bright red and pink flowers bloom in summer and stay bright throughout the fall. It grows to about four to five feet tall and only requires pruning to shape it to the length you want.

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