using a steel green spreader on athletic fields

Using a Steel Green Spreader on Athletic Fields

Valley Green recently partnered with Steel Green Manufacturing to sell their ride-on sprayer/spreaders at our store locations. These machines are the perfect spring landscape tool. They spread seed, fertilizer, and can be equipped with a sprayer. With spring and summer sports on the way, it is time to start preparing athletic turf. Using a Steel Green Spreader on athletic fields is a great way to get your turf into shape quickly and effectively. Read on to learn some tips on using a Steel Green Spreader on athletic fields.

Using a Steel Green Spreader on Athletic Fields

Measure the field before you start the spreading.

You should always measure the size of the field before starting the spreading process. This will allow you to prepare the proper amount of fertilizer or seed. You should follow the instructions on the brand of fertilizer to determine the proper amount needed. If you are spreading seed, a good rule of thumb is to use two to eight pounds of grass per one thousand square feet. After determining the amount of fertilizer or seed you need, you can go ahead and calibrate your spreader.

Starting the spreading process.

When starting the process of spreading, first make a perimeter pass around the field. After that, pick a starting point and divide the field into sections. Spread the material in section in an outline and spread the rest of the section in a back-and-forth motion. This creates a pattern that allows you to continue with outlining and laying a pattern on the rest of the field.

Don’t fill up the spreader with fertilizer on the field.

Never fill your spreader on your athletic turf. If the spreader is left open, it can allow the fertilizer to fall to the ground and pile up. Fertilizer that is allowed to pile up in one spot can easily kill the turf. Always fill the spreader off the turf. It doesn’t hurt to also clean up any remnants you spill as well.

Space out your applications correctly.

Uneven fertilizer application can cause a problem called striping. Striping can cause dark and light green stripes on your turf. To prevent striping, spread the fertilizer from the tire to the track. Make sure your spreader’s wheels are landing on top of the track of the previous pattern. Though you will not get the same effect from spreading grass seed unevenly, it is still important to spread the seed evenly because you may end up with bare spots.

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