Snowrator ZX4 Snowplow for Sale

Snowrator ZX4 Snowplow for Sale. It’s a fact, most of the population hates shoveling snow. It is backbreaking and time-consuming work. When you’re the property manager of any large facility or complex, a snowstorm could mean an extremely long day of snow removal. If you are looking for a way to speed up the process, consider the Snowrator.

snowrator zx4 snowplow for sale
Photo courtesy of LT Rich Products

The Snowrator ZX4 snow plow is designed to operate on sidewalks, driveways and other tight areas where shoveling by hand was previously necessary. The Snowrator is small enough to maneuver in narrow areas but powerful enough to move heavy snowfalls. The Snowrator ZX4 Snow Plow removes snow from sidewalks, driveways and other tight areas.

The Snowrator is designed with an electric start Honda GX 390 engine, 4 wheel drive skid steer and a direct dual pump wheel motor transmission with no chains or belts. The durable machine features a corrosion resistant stainless steel construction and 20-gallon liquid de-icing spray system. Check out a video of the Snowrator in action at this link.

Standard features include:

  • 48″hydraulic pivoting plow with downforce and float
  • Honda GX 390 engine (electric and pull start)
  • All-wheel drive skid steer drivetrain
  • All-hydraulic plow with left, right, up, downforce and float mode via skid steer-like joystick
  • 48-inch blade width, 16-inch height and 7 inches of clearance
  • Total machine width of 42 inches, 70 inches long and 51 inches tall
  • Machine weighs 775 pounds
  • 390cc electric-start Honda engine
  • 20-gallon deicing spray system with coil hose
  • 5-gpm pump with constant bypass agitation

We have a Snowrator in stock and ready to go at our Plainville Connecticut location. Please contact them today for more information.

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