Ways Of Making Revenue From Winter Landscaping

Ways Of Making Revenue From Winter Landscaping

Ways Of Making Revenue From Winter Landscaping

Now that Autumn has started, landscape crews are starting to come up with plans for making revenue over the winter. An easy winter money maker for landscapers has always been plowing and ice control. There are, however, several ways to accumulate revenue in winter besides plowing. Besides, the farmer’s almanac is predicting a mild winter so we have come up with some other ways of making revenue from winter landscaping.

  1. Offer winter landscape consulting services. Assist your clients with coming up with a beautiful landscape design for the spring. Help them come up with a plan to design flower beds, vegetable gardens, hardscapes and more.
  2. Design a display and put up holiday lights. Many homes and businesses are willing to pay for the service of put up and take down of holiday lights. Normally this job can be done from mid-November to the second week of January.
  3. Cut and sell firewood. This can take place throughout the year. Collect the wood from trees that have been cut down and then sell them for firewood in the winter.
  4. Clean gutters! This is very important in the battle against ice dams on client’s roofs. Be sure to offer gutter cleaning services before the temperature falls below freezing.
  5. Winterize irrigation systems. This is a very important task to be done before the ground freezes.
  6. Winter storm clean up. Offer services to clean up the damage from winter snow and wind storms. This can be anything from cutting up fallen trees to shoveling snow.

This winter, visit any of our locations to stock up ice control supplies, rock salt, and more.

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