Energy Efficient Landscaping

Energy Efficient LandscapingToday is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. In this day and age, it can be very easy to cut energy costs. There are several different ways to cut your energy costs in the home and also outside. Clients may even ask for energy efficient landscaping to cut their home energy costs. To celebrate National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, we will be offering some great tips on energy efficient landscaping.

One of the most effective and simple ways to achieve energy efficient landscaping is to plant trees that will give a house shade. This will keep the house cooler in the summer. The trees will also provide insulation and a windbreak in the winter which can keep the house warmer. This will, in turn, lessen the cost of heating.

Another simple way to achieve energy efficient landscaping is to practice water conservation. Offer to incorporate plants into the client’s landscape design in areas that provide optimal shade. When watering, do so in the early morning when it is coolest. This will discourage evaporation and create a more efficient and moist environment. You can also encourage clients to use rain barrels to collect rain for watering which obviously eliminates the need for new water usage.

If your client has chosen to hire you for your hardscape services, consider offering to install solar lighting on pathways and patios. This will save the client’s money on lighting costs. To save energy costs for your fleet, consider using electric or battery powered equipment. If using equipment that requires gas, keep it in good working condition. Equipment that is working efficiently will use fewer resources. Your employees can get involved with energy efficiency too by starting a ride share program or doing things as simple as turning off lights and computers at night.

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