How to Hire Great Employees For Your Landscaping Company

How to Hire Great Employees For Your Landscaping CompanySpring is right around the corner and many landscaping crews will be getting ready to hire new employees to meet seasonal work demands. Picking the right employees can be a difficult process. To save time, money and energy, it is usually a good policy to vet the prospective employees before hiring them impulsively. Read the following tips on how to hire great employees for your landscaping company.


How to Hire Great Employees For Your Landscaping Company

  1. Use a variety of recruitment techniques. The easiest are employment websites, social media, and your own website. Facebook now offers job offers on your business page and you can sign up for Indeed to post your position electronically. You can also print out flyers and post them at local businesses where prospective employees will frequent.
  2. Prepare the job description. Be sure to accurately describe the position and requirements. You’ll also want list candidate requirements.
  3. You can also host a job fair at your facility. This can easily be done with a few tables and chairs. Make sure you have plenty of pens and printed applications on hand. Be prepared to have onsite interviews and make sure you advertise for the job fair ahead of time. Great places to do this are the local chamber of commerce, your website, and social media channels.
  4. Prepare your interview process ahead of time. Make sure you have a good list of easy and hard questions for interviewees. Make a list of expectations for the candidate as well. Are they dressed nice? Do they have a list of good references? How do they speak about their current or former employer? If the candidate doesn’t make exceed the interview expectations, they are less likely to excel at being an employee.
  5. Always check candidate references. Place close attention to how the employee speaks of this person. Make sure you verify their employment dates and experience.

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