Summer Tree Care

summer tree care tips

Our northeast summers are always a whirlwind of weather. We have to contend with hurricanes, thunderstorms, and drought. Trees often take the brunt of this weather so summer tree care is very important. Since summer solstice is this Friday, we are giving landscapers and homeowners our best tips for successful summer tree care.

  1. First and foremost you’ll want to prune dead and loose limbs. These can be dangerous and even deadly in summer thunderstorms and hurricanes. While trimming, you’ll want to check the limbs for any signs of disease before it has a chance to spread.
  2. You’ll want to mulch before the summer droughts come. Mulch can be beneficial to trees in many different ways. It keeps the soil moist, discourages weed growth, and stabilizes the soil temperature. Mulch around the tree in a donut shape. Placing the mulch against the trunk may encourage disease and insect problems.
  3. Younger trees need extra care in the summer. During a hot and dry summer, trees may need an average of an inch of water per week.
  4. Early summer is a good time to fertilize trees. Consider getting your soil tested to determine what kind of fertilizer you will need. Summer fertilization is especially important for younger trees.
  5. To prepare for storms you may want to cable your limbs of younger trees and any older ones that have heavier limbs. Cabling prevents branch breakage, split trunks, and fallen limbs.
  6. Watch out for common summer tree pests. These include Gypsy Moths, Emerald Ash Borers, and Aphids. You’ll want to look out for signs of these pests which include webs, chewed leaves, and canopy thinning.
  7. You’ll also want to watch out for fallen leaves. Falling leaves in summer can mean that your trees are struggling. This is known as summer dormancy and can be remedied with more frequent watering.

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