5 Tips for Great Mowing

tips for great mowing

Mowing is one of the most common duties performed by landscapers. Golf courses, businesses, municipalities, and homes all have to be mowed. It can actually be quite tricky to master the art of mowing. Mowing evenly and neatly is a very important skill to learn. Because we are in the busiest part of landscaping season, today’s article will be on 5 tips for great mowing.

5 Tips For Great Mowing

  1. Abide by the 1/3 rule. Never cut more 1/3 of the grass blade length at any one time. Cutting more than 1/3 can lead to increased disease vulnerability, injuries to the crown of the grass blade which store nutrients. Cutting too short can also lead to extensive weed growth.
  2. Keep your mower blades sharp and balanced. Dull blades can lead to ragged grass edges which can attract pests and diseases. Rinsing the blades after mowing can also prevent the blades from getting clogged.
  3. Mow only when the grass is dry. You’ll get a more even cut as well as no clumping of grass after mowing. The best time of the day to do this tends to be early evening. The grass will dry and the temperature will be lower. Heat and sun can stress the mower as well as scorch new cut grass.
  4. Vary the direction you mow in each time. The grass will lean into the direction you mow and start to grow in that pattern. Varying your mowing path will lead to grass growing straight and tall. Changing directions will also prevent ruts from forming. No matter your direction, always remember to mow going forward.
  5. When mowing on a slope, mow across as opposed to up and down. This will make things easier as well as safer. Sliding a mower around a slope can lead to injuries as well as exhaustion. Pushing across is usually easier and much safer.

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