5 Autumn Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

It is still summer. but before we know it, children will be heading back to school and the leaves will start to fall. Though autumn is a good time to start winding down on certain aspects of landscaping, it is also a time where duties have to be done to make sure your lawn survives the winter. There are several autumn landscaping mistakes to avoid to ensure a safe winter and successful spring for your yard.

5 Autumn Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

  1. NOT AERATING: One of the most important things you can do in the fall is to aerate your lawn. This will ensure that water and nutrients reach the roots. Aerating also releases soil compaction.
  2. STOPPING MOWING: Mow until the first frost. Shorter grass is less susceptible to winter diseases. For the last cut of the season, you’ll want to mow down to 1.25 inches. Once that first frost comes, you can put away the mower for the winter. Mowing is also a good time to check and make sure there are no problems with your grass that should be resolved by winter.
  3. NOT WEEDING: Forgetting to weed in the fall will cause the weeds to come back 2 fold in spring. Keep up with weeding regularly because weeds that are pulled too late in the season often drop seeds. Weeding will also ensure that your other plants don’t have to compete for nutrients before going dormant for the winter.
  4. NOT FERTILIZING: Weed your plant beds and lawn and then apply fertilizer. Fall’s cool morning temperatures will easily be absorbed by plants. Fertilization will help the lawn build up stamina for the winter and ensure that you have a successful spring.
  5. NOT PUTTING TOOLS AWAY: Be sure to roll up hoses and empty them of residual water before the first frost. Hoses will freeze and break if not put away properly. You’ll also want to put all of your tools away for winter. Snow and ice can really do a number on them. It doesn’t hurt to give them a good cleaning before putting them away as well.

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