4 Types of Services for Holiday Lighting that Landscapers Can Offer

4 Types of Services for Holiday Lighting that Landscapers Can Offer

Holiday lighting service can be a great source of off-season income for landscapers. After the last lawn is mowed, plowing is usually the only other option for revenue. With winters being warmer, plowing services are starting later and later each year. Customers will often ask landscape contractors to hang their holiday lights but there are also some other lighting services you can offer. Here are 4 types of services for holiday lighting that landscapers can offer.

4 Types of Services for Holiday Lighting that Landscapers Can Offer

Bulb Changes: The northeast’s extreme temperature changes can wreak havoc on the lifespans of a bulb. You can offer to change the bulbs for them, or alternatively, offer to put up LED lights for them which last 3 to 10 years longer, use less energy, and are resistant to cold damage.

Lighting Location Consulting: Clients may want to put lights up in an area that will not work well with the lights. Ice and salt can damage and corrode lighting fixtures if it comes in contact. Try to advise your client to have the lighting placed off the ground and not near walkways or driveways.

Bulb Cleaning: Bulbs that sit in storage for the spring, summer, and fall can get very dirty. Bulbs that are also taken down and not cleaned after the holiday season tend to also be dirty. Offer to clean the bulbs before you put them up for the holidays. Make sure the power is off and then wipe the bulbs down with glass cleaner. Take the time to inspect the wires to make sure they are free of dirt, debris, and abandoned insect nests.

Holiday Lighting Take Down: Holiday lights can be just as hard to put down as they are to put up. Also, if they are stored incorrectly, they tangle easily. This can make putting up the holiday lights next year extremely difficult. When doing the lighting take down, you can also check for dead bulbs, clean, and wrap the lights properly for storage.

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