Spring Landscaping Services you Should be Offering to Clients

 5 spring landscaping services you be offering to clients.

Spring is right around and corner and many landscape crews are ready and eager to begin their spring service offerings. Since many fleets take the winter off (minus snow removal service) spring is an excellent time to jumpstart your 2020 revenue. Winter can take a serious toll on even a healthy lawn so prompt spring attention is very important. Clean up, reseeding, and pruning are just a few of the spring landscaping services you should be offering to clients.

Since spring is less than 2 months away, our article this week is on 5 spring landscaping services you should be offering to clients.

  1. Soil Testing: It is a good idea to test the client’s soil before starting any major projects. The soil must have the proper balance of PH and enough nutrients to make sure new plants and grass will thrive. After the test results have come back, you can use the data to properly treat the soil.
  2. Pest Control Planning: Mild winters always mean ticks so it is extremely important to take preventative measures to control the tick population around your client’s home. Winter thaws can cause ticks to appear even in winter so it is important to take preventative measures by spraying and or applying a tick repellent in early spring. Pay close attention to winter leaf litter; ticks will often lay their eggs in it. You can also help the client control mosquitoes by spraying the outer perimeter of the lawn and disposing of any standing water left over from winter so that the pests cannot lay their eggs.
  3. Branch Removal: Tree limbs can easily become damaged in winter weather. This leaves them prone to insect damage and disease. Inspect your client’s trees closely and remove any questionable looking branches. This will ensure the rest of the tree will stay healthy and also eliminates the danger of the damaged limbs falling in summer.
  4. Garden Bed Clean Out: Garden beds often accumulate debris over the winter. Leaves and other litter can cause many problems such as preventing the plants from getting sunlight and providing a place for insects to hide and lay their eggs.
  5. Weed Prevention: Spring is a great time to get a jumpstart on weed control. Pulling out weeds in spring can ease the burden of having to pull as many in the summer. Crabgrass can also be controlled by taking preventative measures in spring such as applying pre-emergent herbicides.

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