The Best Trees to Plant if you Live in the Northeast

The Best Trees to Plant if you Live in the Northeast


Arbor Day of 2020 is certainly going to be different. Public commemorations and plantings will likely be canceled because of social distancing guidelines to avoid COVID-19. Many families will be staying home this Arbor Day but since nurseries and garden centers have been deemed essential, you can still go out and purchase a tree to plant at home. The best trees to plant if you live in the northeast are ones that are hardy and will survive the myriad of weather we get. If you and the family want a fun Arbor Day activity, our article this week will be on the best trees to plant if you live in the northeast.

Sugar Maple: These are some of the most common trees in the northeast. They are popular with homeowners because of the bright colors they display in the fall. It is also valued as a shade tree because of its thick canopy. Just make sure the Sugar Maple can grow without obstruction as they can get up to 75 feet tall.

American Elm: This tree is native to the northeast so it makes a very hardy option. American Elms can actually pollinate themselves and they grow to over 100 feet high. The only downside to these trees is that they are prone to Dutch Elm Disease. The tree blooms with brown and purple flowers in early spring and then their leaves bud later in the season.

Northern Catalpa: This tree is not only unique looking but it is also hardy. It is also native to the northeast The tree grows spectacular white flowers which make it very attractive to pollinators. When late summer hits, the tree grows long beanstalks which will hang on the tree throughout the winter.

Dogwood Tree: This is hardy as well as beautiful through all 4 seasons. It grows quickly and is easy to care for. Because of its popularity, the Dogwood Tree was a top choice for America’s National Tree. If you enjoy bird watching, the berries that Dogwood Trees grow are a very popular food source for many types of birds.

Eastern Red Cedar: If you are looking for a tough, hard, and drought-resistant tree, the Eastern Red Cedar is perfect. They are easy to plant and will attract wildlife that will nest in the tree’s thick branches. The tree’s foliage changes throughout the season. During the growing season, the tree will change from silver to green. It is also has a pleasant and earthy fragrance.

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