Pre-season Preparation for Snow and Ice Contractors

Pre-season Preparation for Snow and Ice Contractors

The northeast is in the midst of a pretty intense heatwave right now. With the heat this strong, we doubt anyone is thinking about preparing their landscaping crews for winter duties. Despite this, many snow and ice contractors actually start preparing for winter towards the end of July. From business development to acquiring pre-season discounted products, contractors should start preparing now to ensure a successful and prosperous winter season. Many of our customers are snow and ice contractors and to help better prepare them for the season, our article this week will be on pre-season preparation for snow and ice contractors.

One of the most important things about pre-season preparation for snow and ice contractors is taking advantage of pre-season discounts. It is always good to stock up on frequently used supplies such as liquid ice melt and granular ice melt. If stored properly, both the liquid and granular will last through the last hot days of summer and into the winter. Knowing how much you have onhand will lead to a more organized and prepared run for winter storms.

There are usually snow and ice contractor trade shows towards the end of summer. Unfortunately, because of Coronavirus, many of the shows have been canceled. Even though the shows are canceled, many dealerships are still likely to carry specials that will make up for the show’s missing discounts. The dealerships may also carry some great trucks and plows at great pre-season discounts. If you get lucky, you might be able to get the dealership to offer you a package discount deal with the truck and plow!

If you already have a truck, keep your eye open for pre-season discounts on hydraulic equipment and spreaders. Your plow business will not be able to run without these items. Even if you have a plow, spreader, and hydraulic equipment already, you should check them and see if they need to be replaced. Checking never hurts and it is better to have a brand new part that’s on sale rather than a used part that you need to replace in the middle of the season at full price.

Another part of pre-season preparation for snow and ice contractors is reaching out to customers with an incentive to sign up for your winter services. This incentive could be anything from a certain percentage off of plowing or even offering a free service call if they pay in advance. Make sure you also reach out to your commercial customers to offer the incentive as well. You can also start trying to attract new customers by sending out a direct mail campaign to them. Keep an eye on MLS Listings to see where homes are selling. It doesn’t hurt to also reach out to local home owner’s associations.

Valley Green has several ice and snow control products to beat the cold this winter. Contact one of our locations to learn more.


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