Increasing Fall Business For Your Landscape Company 

Increasing Fall Business For Your Landscape Company 

Though spring and summer are usually considered the official season of busy landscaping, autumn can be lucrative too. With Coronavirus still lingering, it is a good idea to make sure you have a plan in mind for keeping your company busy before winter. If a resurgence occurs, you’ll want to build up revenue while you can in case the job market heads south again. Increasing fall business for your landscape company can be a challenge but we have come up with some creative ways on how to do it.

Increasing Fall Business For Your Landscape Company 

Offer new specialty services and packages for fall

Autumn is beautiful but it also comes with a lot of landscape duties such as cleanups and mowing. Many homeowners think that they can lessen yard work in the fall but mowing and watering are still important. Offering a package deal that comes with regular maintenance and a prepay discount can entice busy customers. If you have never tried services such as hydroseeding or overseeding, fall is an optimal time to start. You can offer the new service on your website and offer a discount if they sign up by a certain date. Another in demand, yet uncommon fall service is gutter cleaning. Fallen leaves and debris from summer storms can clog gutters and leave roofs vulnerable to ice dams over the winter.

Educate clients on the importance of fall landscaping services

Homeowners usually assume that the majority of grass grows during the spring and summer. Reseeding in fall is actually a great time to do so. The harsh heat of summer has gone away, weeds are dying, and the grass seed still has time to root before the cold weather hits. You can also let them know that if they want to plant bulbs for spring, fall is also a great time to do it. Winter and fall give the plants 9 months to spend in the ground before they deal with the harsh summer weather. Mulching also has a variety of benefits for plants to have to weather the winter. It can seal in moisture and insulate the plants from extreme winter temperatures. You can also tell them that the mulch will also offer similar benefits in spring and summer.

Offer services to keep pests away in the winter

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the bugs will disappear. Stress the importance of early autumn preparation to keep them out! Late summer and early fall are an excellent time to advertise your pest control services. Just be sure to include why it is so important to practice sping pest control. Stink bugs, rodents, ants, and spiders will all want a warm place to weather the winter. Fall pests can also plague the lawn and garden as well. Slugs lay most of their eggs during the fall so getting a jump on controlling the now will discourage them from feeding in early spring. You can also offer to eliminate fall webworms that can kill trees and leave them vulnerable to disease.

Offer late season discounts on services

Autumn is great time to conquer harder projects such as patio and gazebo construction. Not only is the weather cooler to work in but your clients will remember who to call when they need landscaping services in the spring. As an added bonus for you, manufacturers may offer late-season discounts on the supplies needed to do these jobs. To make things easier for your crew, you may want to come up with a selection of projects that clients can choose from ahead of time. Pre-planning ensures that you have the materials on hand and know in advance how long the job will take.

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