The Best Dog Friendly Landscape Materials

The Best Dog Friendly Landscape Materials

Wednesday, August 26, 2020, is National Dog Day. Millions of people around the country own dogs and they also own homes with lawns. Since dogs tend to spend a lot of time in the yard, it is very important to ensure that your lawn is a safe place for them. On the other hand, you should also ensure that you can keep your lawn healthy and growing with a rambunctious canine companion. The best dog friendly landscape materials are often hardy and carry no risk of harming pets. Valley Green has been a landscape material supplier for over 20 years. When looking for the best dog friendly landscape materials, our products are always a great choice.

The Best Dog Friendly Landscape Materials

Mulch: When choosing to mulch your lawn, Cocoa should never be a choice if you own pets. Cocoa and Cocoa Husk Mulch can actually poison dogs (and cats). Dogs are actually attracted to the smell of Cocoa Mulch because of its sweet smell. A better choice for dog safe mulch material is Douglas Fir, Cedar, and Cypress. Even if you have purchased dog safe mulch, try to keep curious canines from eating it because clumps of it can become lodged in their intestines.

Grass: Any type of grass that is going to be grown where dogs will be has to be hardy. Grass can take a beating when canines are regularly running across it. The grass could also be dug up and urinated upon by dogs. Bermuda or Zoysia Grass is usually suitable for full sun lawns. Fescue or Bentgrass is best for shadier lawns. If you find that your lawn is starting to accumulate brown and yellow spots from dog urine, try to spray down the area with the hose after your canine does his business. This is a safe and natural way to keep your lawn pee free and green!

Stone: Smooth River Stones and Smooth Gravel are good materials for dogs to run on. Many dogs choose a perimeter “path” to move around the yard and this can easily wear lawns down. Putting down soft gravel on that path can help with drainage and keep your canine from destroying your grass. Soft Gravel is also easier on paws and can prevent injuries from sharp stones.

Dog owners should also be aware of any pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides that they are using. All of these can be harmful to pets so be sure to read the instructions closely and if you do have to use them, don’t let your curious canines near the area until the appropriate time has passed.

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