Five Reasons Why You Should Use Custom Grass Seed Blends

custom grass seed blends

One of Valley Green’s best selling products is our blend of custom grass seed. Custom grass seed blends are created to maximize grass growth in different conditions. We have blends for everything from golf courses to roadsides. We have been providing seed to customers in the northeast since 1990. Our store managers will assist you in finding the perfect blend for your location and growing conditions. With spring quickly on the way, here are five reasons why you should use custom grass seed blends.

Custom grass seed blends can be mixed for individual growing conditions. 

Some areas where you want to grow might be shadier than others, or maybe you live in an area that has a lot of hot and dry summers. Some grass seed doesn’t tolerate a lot of harsh and direct sunlight. By working with our employees, we can suggest a great blend for you that will grow easily in the conditions where you want to plant it.

Certain grass seed blends grow faster than others.

 Grass seed blends that grow fast are extremely useful for customers that need their seed to provide coverage fast. Fast-growing grass seed blends can be a lifesaver for construction sites and homeowners that need their lawn to look great for a sale. Our usual choice for this is our cool season Ryegrass blend that will germinate in five to ten days.

Custom grass seed blends are great for home and business owners who don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining their turf. 

If you’re a person that doesn’t have the time for a strict lawn care schedule, you can pick a grass seed that slow-growing, drought-tolerant, and hardy. With this type of seed blend, typical tasks such as mowing, fertilizing, and watering can be lessened.

Certain grass looks better in different locations. 

A golf course superintendent may want a more attractive type of grass than a construction crew. Custom grass seeds blends offer a choice of seed that will fit your aesthetic needs. Our most popular blend for those who want their turf to look its best is our cool season Fescue and Bluegrass blend.

You can choose native grass seed in custom blends. 

Any type of native plant is usually hardier than most. It is the same with grass seed. Northeast grass has to be able to tolerate a large variety of growing conditions such as excessive moisture, extreme heat, drought, and cold conditions. Native grass seed is also popular for those who want an ecofriendly and low maintenance lawn.


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