fall landscaping ideas

Five Fall Landscaping Ideas

Fall is a wonderful time to explore and experiment with different types of landscape designs. The colors that come with fall offer a plethora of ways to display that color. Homeowners can experiment with fall perennials and flowers that can make your landscape pop without a lot of work. Valley Green is one of the largest landscape suppliers in the northeast so if you need any products to help bring your fall landscaping ideas to life, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Five Fall Landscaping Ideas

Plant colorful fall flowers.
Just because summer is gone does not mean your yard can’t have some fabulous color. There are many fall flowers you can plant that will dress up your landscape with reds, yellows, and oranges. The best flowers to plant for fall are mums, pansies, asters, violas, and black-eyed Susans. You should also consider planting perennials which eliminate the need to plant each year.

Refresh or add mulch in your fall.
Mulch has several different benefits. It keeps plant roots moist, deters insects, and insulates the roots in winter. It can also help prevent the last of the summer weeds from growing. When picking your mulch color, try to pick something that contrasts the color of the plants you have growing. For example, if you planted red, yellow, or orange, a deep brown cocoa-colored mulch would probably work best. If you put down mulch at the beginning of summer, it is probably best that you refresh it as some type of mulch fades in the sun.

Start fall overseeding.
Fall is a great time for overseeding. The air is cooler, but the soil is still warm which are great conditions for grass to grow in. You should overseed the bare patches that the lawn accumulated during summer. With the northeast’s warm, wet summer, you are very likely to have bare and brown spots. They are visually unappealing but are very easy to fix with the right grass seed blend. Check out our other article on overseeding and cool-season grass care.

Remove all of summer’s dead plants.
Put the gloves on and remove all overgrown and dead shrubbery. While removing the dead stuff, it is also a good idea to pull out the last of summer’s weeds. Just be careful not to remove the plants that will flower in the spring. Many plants lose their leaves during the late summer early fall season so use discretion when removing them.

Set up a fall container garden.
A fall-themed container garden is a very easy way to dress up any doorstep. You can mix several things to make the container garden look wonderful and welcoming. You can mix fall-colored flowers with ornamental grasses to mix up textures. To go further into the fall theme, mix fall-related vegetables such as pumpkins, gourds, and kale. A vine of bittersweet can also add a unique addition to the fall container garden.

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