The Best Ways to Deice Your Driveway or Sidewalk

The Best Ways to Deice Your Driveway or Sidewalk

Late autumn will soon be here and it will be time to worry about winter storms. The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a few large storms this year for the northeast and Valley Green will be open for all of your ice melt needs. Don’t forget that we offer bulk delivery. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about the best ways to deice your driveway or sidewalk. Utilizing these tips will ensure that you’ll be using your ice melt effectively and economically.

The Best Ways to Deice Your Driveway or Sidewalk

Shovel or snow blow all the snow away first – This may seem obvious but if the ice melt has to melt the snow and the ice at the same time, you are going to waste a lot of it. Removing the snow also allows the salt to come into contact with the ice at a faster rate. Another obvious reason to remove the snow is you’ll be able to see where the ice is and how much there is underneath it.

Ice your driveway evenly – If at all possible, you should utilize a spreader when putting down ice melt. Using a spreader evenly coats the ground with ice melt and it takes less time than doing it by hand. If you do end up having to spread the salt by hand, wear gloves and use a cup. Try to spread it evenly as much as you can. If you end up using too much in one spot, use an old broom to spread it out.

Don’t let your ice melt damage your driveway – When concrete is subjected to too much salt and or ice melt, the thawing and freezing process can damage it. If your concrete is less than 12 months old, it is a good idea to avoid using salt or ice melt on it. If you have newer concrete, there are alternative things you can use for traction such as sand, cat litter, or sawdust. Always read the label of the ice melt to see the exact instructions for applying it to concrete.

Move the melted ice chunks out of the way – After the salt has melted and broken up the ice, it is a good idea to remove it. Use a shovel and remove the ice until you can see the concrete below. Place the ice chunks away from the driveway or sidewalk so that they can finish melting. The best places to place this ice would be a drainage ditch or to the side of the concrete. If you place them on your lawn, you may damage the grass or plants because of the chemical content in the salt.

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