show your lawn some love for spring

Show Your Lawn Some Love For Spring

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at Valley Green Incorporated! We wanted to do a special blog this week on how to show your lawn some love for spring. Valley Green has everything you need to make your spring landscaping plan a success. With several locations all over the northeast, our sales team and store managers can help with the things you need to show your lawn some love for spring.

Rake the soil deeply.
Giving your lawn a deep raking is also known as dethatching. Dethatching can loosen matted grass and winter debris which in turn, encourages new grass growth. Winter debris may also be a hiding place for lawn pests. Thatch can be composted or disposed of afterward.

Test your soil.
Once the grass starts to turn green for spring, it means it is time to test the soil. Testing your soil can help you in selecting fertilizers and soil amendments. Soil tests can indicate nutrient deficiencies, PH imbalances, and soil salt levels. If you are unsure as to what type of fertilizer or amendments to use after your soil test, please reach out to one of our store managers.

Apply some pre-emergent weed killers.
Weeds are never good for a lawn. They compete with grass for nutrients, water, sunlight, and oxygen. When weeds take over, they can rob your grass of the nutrients it needs to fight pests, disease, and more. Applying a pre-emergent herbicide or weed killer puts a barrier up that prevents weed seeds from germinating. If you have weeds that have already established themselves, you can apply a post-emergent herbicide to eliminate them. Keep in mind that some weeds may take more than one application of herbicide to die.

Apply some fresh mulch.
Mulch is a cost-effective way to make your lawn look great and keep it healthy. The best time to mulch is mid to late spring when the ground is no longer frozen. Mulch has the following benefits: moisture retention, soil temperature regulation, weed prevention, and the minimizing of erosion. Don’t put mulch down too early as it may delay the soil from warming up. This will delay your spring flowers from blooming.

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