Preparing for Tick Season

Weather records were broken in Connecticut today. The high at Bradley Airport reached almost 74 degrees. Though this weather is beautiful, it forecasts a terrible tick season. Valley Green offers many varieties of tick repellent at our stores. Preparing for tick season on a golf course, client’s lawn, or a city park can be challenging. Ticks carry diseases such as Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. Do yourself a favor and prepare when venturing out in this spring. We have some ideas on getting the jump on these pests before it gets too bad.

Preparing for tick season

  • Spray the lawn! Do not forget the perimeter of the house, under decks, and patios, porches, and playscapes.
  • Cut the client’s grass low. Ticks prefer taller grasses.
  • Remove leaf litter piles and brush. Ticks love to hide and breed in these piles once the snow melts.
  • Apply deer repellent. Deer are a frequent carrier of the ticks that spread Lyme Disease.
  • Remove bird baths. Birds also carry ticks and attracting them will also bring ticks.
  • Prune trees and shrubs. Ticks are less likely to be attracted sunny areas.
  • Don’t overwater your grass. Ticks are more attracted to moist areas.

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