Fall Landscaping Checklist

The end of the summer season is almost here and before we know it, we will be raking the leaves on client’s lawns. There are several landscaping duties that should be performed in early fall to ensure the health of their lawns during the winter. You can prepare for this with Valley Green’s fall landscaping checklist.

Fall Landscaping Checklist


Fall Landscaping Checklist

Aerate the lawn: Early fall is an optimal time to aerate the lawn with cool season grass.

Trim perennials: It will give them some extra energy for the winter which will result in healthier beds.

Mulch before the first freeze: This is especially important for younger trees and plants to keep them warm during the cold winter weather.

Remind clients to bring in their noncold tolerant plants.

Plant evergreens and shrubs: Early autumn planting ensures that there will plenty of time to get the roots established.

Plant fall annuals now: Mums, pansies, and ornamental kale can add a positive aesthetic to a client’s fall yard display.

Lower the mower blade: Give the lawn one last mow before winter. The low blade and grass will assist in helping the soil dry out in the spring.

Fertilize: Make sure the grass has enough nutrients for the winter.

Cover sensitive plants with a frost barrier: Shrubs and Roses are especially susceptible to damage from frost.


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