Why Autumn Golf Is Amazing

why autumn golf is amazing

Folks in the northeast are going to get a taste of autumn this weekend with temperatures only topping out in low 70s. This might be a respite for many people who enjoy golfing in cooler and more comfortable weather. Autumn is a wonderful time in the northeast and also a wonderful time to golf. Take advantage of this great weather before the snow begins to fly.

Here are our reasons why autumn golf is amazing.

There are a variety of reasons why golfing in the fall is wonderful and number 1 is the weather. Autumn mornings might be a bit crisp, however, it is much better than having your clothes stick to you when it is 98 degrees out with 100% humidity. Dress in layers according to the weather and you should be all set.

Golf courses tend to also be less crowded in the fall. Most people would agree that waiting to take your shot in the hot sun with people rushing you is less than ideal. The quieter course ensures you will have ample to practice your shots and really analyze your swing. Be sure to take time to take in all the scenery of the autumn foliage as well.

Autumn will also provide golfers with courses that are in tip-top shape. This is because the course is coming off the season of non-stop turf and green nurturing. Take the time to enjoy the lush greens and pristine tee boxes. Greens will often be in great shape until the course is winterized in October or November.

Staff tend to be more attentive to players in the fall. The summer rush is over so they better concentrate on individualized attention to players. Take the time to get someone on one lessons from the golf professional who is probably happy his schedule has calmed down after non-stop summer lessons. This also applies to pro shop employees, food service employees, managers and more.

Lastly, off-season golf is sometimes discounted. Many courses often offer incentives to entice players onto the course in the offseason. As an added bonus, local hotels will often have deals that combine foliage tours, golf, and staying at their location. We hope you enjoyed our article on why autumn golf is amazing.

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