Steps to Slow and Control the Growth of Weeds

Steps to Slow and Control the Growth of Weeds

As warm weather progresses, so will the war on weeds. Weeding is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks of a landscaper. Controlling weeds is a full-time job, but there are certain steps to slow and control the growth of weeds. This steps should be taken before and after the main season of weed growth. Because we are approaching the prime weeding season, our article today will go over steps to slow and control the growth of weeds.

When you begin to work on client lawns at the start of spring, try your best not to disturb the soil. This can cause the weed seedlings to come to the surface and begin to grow. Only disturb the soil where you absolutely have to. Weed seedlings have the ability to lay dormant under the soil for several years.

Timing also has a lot to do with controlling weeds. Weeding after heavy rain will actually make the process of weeding much easier because the roots are easy to pull up. The best tool to do this with will be a fishtail weeder. If the area where your client lives is experiencing a dry spell, slice the weeds with a hoe right below the soil line.

Controlling watering can have an effect on weed growth as well. The saying goes “water for the plants you want, not the weeds you’ve got.” You can control your watering by using drip or soaker hoses. Weeds that are deprived of water reduce seed germination by 50% to 70.

In terms of pre-emergent herbicides, you’ll want to apply them at certain times in the season. For summer’s common weeds such as crabgrass, Dandelion, and Chickweed, you’ll want to apply the herbicide in mid-May. For common autumn weeds such as clover and filaree, you’ll want to apply the herbicide somewhere between August and November.

Using space wisely will also keep weeds at bay. Weeds love to grow in the spaces between garden plants. Plant your shrubs and flowers as close as possible and cover the remaining spaces with mulch. The mulch will stifle the growth of weeds. When purchasing these shrubs and flowers, make sure they’re not carrying any unwanted weed seedlings along with them.

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