5 Tips For Landscaping Near Swimming Pools

5 Tips For Landscaping Near Swimming Pools

The official start of summer is less than a month away now. Clients will be in a rush to pull the cover off of their pools and get them treated for seasonal use. One of the year’s most popular landscape trends is landscaping near swimming pools. A beautiful landscape design can turn your client’s pool area into a backyard oasis. Today we are going to go over 5 tips for landscaping near swimming pools.


5 Tips For Landscaping Near Swimming Pools

  1. Be very selective in the plants you choose. Growing trees around a pool will offer shade but will also drop leaves in the pool which will have to be fished out. You may want to also refrain from trees and plants that grow fruit because they will attract insects that will sting pool goers. Flowers will also attract stinging insects so going with simple and attractive bushes such as evergreen and holly might be wiser. Come up with a list of suitable plants to show your client before starting the landscaping job.
  2. If your client chooses to have a hardscape around the pool, encourage them to select a scarred concrete surface which will prevent slipping when the surface gets wet from splashing. Even though scarred concrete is less slip prone, you will want to remind your client to wash any moss that grows as that will make the concrete slippery as time goes on.
  3. To make the pool area more private, you can offer the idea of planting some low maintenance hedges around the pool. Another option is to install wooden fencing. You can add some attractive vines to the fencing to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Potted plants are an easy and cost effective to make a pool area look attractive. Help your client choose plants that are easy to maintain. If your client is trying to make the pool area have a more spa-like atmosphere, you can plant lavender which will leave a relaxing scent in the air. When the summer fun is over, your client simply moves the pot inside.
  5. Installing a stone walkway can provide guests with a clean and easy way to move from your house to the pool without having to walk through the grass barefoot. This will prevent unwanted debris from sticking to their feet and from getting all over your house. It will also prevent guests from stepping on hard to see hazards such as stinging insects in the grass or sharp rocks. Just make sure the client regularly sweeps off or sprays the walkway bricks.

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