After Summer Hardscape Care


after summer hardscape care

Raking leaves and hydroseeding are usually number one on landscapers minds for fall lawn care. After summer hardscape care is often overlooked but is a key aspect in getting the hardscape to last long. Colder weather, ice, and salt can weaken stones and make them break easily. Before the colder weather hits, please our 5 tips on after summer hardscape care.

  1. Give the hardscape a good cleaning after summer. Snow and rain can actually cause accumulated debris to stain the hardscape. Dirt between cracks can also provide a place for weeds to grow in the spring. One of the best tools to clean a hardscape is a high-pressure washer.
  2. Seal the cracks between the stone. If water gets in over the winter and freezes, this will cause the crack to expand. This will obviously make the troublesome crack larger.
  3. Keep the drains on the hardscape clear. By clearing the drain you lessen the chance of water accumulating and freezing. This will prevent slip hazards and possible ice damage.
  4. Try not to use a metal shovel when snow and ice starts to fly. The metal shovel can scratch and chip the hardscape. Using a plastic shovel or one with a rubber edge is usually better. If you need to use a snowblower, try to use one with rubber blades.
  5. Try not to use salt if possible. Salt can damage nearby grass and plants. It can also make client’s pets sick if ingested. Opt instead for a healthy spread of sand. If you plan to do the sanding yourself instead of having a landscaper do it, many town barns offer free sand to town residents.

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