Things To Watch Out For While Golfing In Autumn

Autumn can be a wonderful time for golf. The temperatures are cooler, there are fewer insects to worry about, and the scenery is wonderful. Golfers tend to forget, however, that autumn is also the time for superintendents and their crews to prepare the course for winter. This does not mean the course cannot be enjoyed, but golfers should be more aware of their surroundings. Our article today is things to watch out for while golfing in Autumn.

Things To Watch Out For While Golfing In Autumn

The most obvious thing is the decreased amount of daylight. Remember to take this into account when hitting the course after work in the fall. Starting too late can lead to your 9 holes getting cut short or even losing golf balls in the darkness. Be sure to check the sunset time before heading out for the evening.

You will also have to deal with leaves and lots of them. Though maintenance crews will be busy keeping up with them, you will probably still have to contend with them blowing around and making lining up shots difficult. If you notice locations where there is an excessive amount of leaves, leave a note for the superintendent. Leaf blowers tend to be noisy so try to be patient while crews work.

Be aware of the damage you are doing to the course this autumn as well. Turf is much more vulnerable to disease in winter. Repair your divots and try to stay on the cart path. The maintenance crew will often rope off an area that is being pretreated for winter so make sure you don’t accidentally enter it. They will also be aerating a lot of the course’s turf so try not to get too upset by the noise.

Preparation for winter also includes several chemical applications. Most of these are hazardous when used improperly so make note of where the crew is applying them before heading out. If for some reason you come in contact with any of these chemicals, wash your affected body part and tell a course staff member immediately.

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