How to Handle Emergencies on the Landscaping Jobsite

Accidents can happen anywhere and are very common on the job site. Landscaping can be a hazardous occupation without proper training and equipment. It can also be hazardous because workers are consistently exposed to the elements. Even if employees are abiding by all safety rules and recommendations, there is still a possibility for accidents. This is why it is important to know how to handle emergencies on the landscaping jobsite. Knowing how to handle an emergency can save someone’s life.

How to Handle Emergencies on the Landscaping Jobsite

There are many types of emergencies landscapers can run into. Common ones are chemical exposure and burns, dangerous weather events, cuts, lacerations, heat stroke, and hypothermia.  Though it is not mandatory, many businesses choose to have an “emergency action plan” in case any of the things listed above occur. An emergency action plan includes the following.

  • A preferred method for reporting emergencies
  • An evacuation policy and procedure
  • A list of employees elected to handle medical emergencies
  • Procedures and instructions on shutting down equipment and machinery safely
  • A contact list for the local emergency services

Investing in first aid and CPR courses for employees will also help in emergency preparedness. There are several CPR training facilities that have specific classes for businesses. Business owners should also make sure they are properly supplying employees with protective clothing and equipment so that emergencies are less likely to happen. Investing in high-quality personal protection equipment can save the headache of dealing with a worker’s compensation suit down the road.

The easiest to handle job site emergencies is to communicate well with employees and managers. Know ahead of time who is capable of what and make sure they know their duties if an emergency does occur. If you purchase new equipment, review the item’s instruction manual and make sure employees are aware of how to use it. Being vigilant can also prevent accidents before they start. If you see someone doing something unsafe, remind them of the proper way to do it.

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