The Best Ways To Grow Christmas Trees

The Best Ways To Grow Christmas Trees

The Best Ways To Grow Christmas Trees

2020 has been quite the year and it is shocking to think that Christmas is less than 10 weeks away. Though we are still dealing with COVID, families are still likely to want to practice traditional holiday activities such as purchasing and cutting down their own Christmas trees. Many tree farms open their doors to tree buyers in early November. Because of this, tree farmers must have their stock looking great before the customers start showing up. Valley Green has been a long time supplier of several types of tree care products. With Christmas on the way, we wanted our article this week to be on the best ways to grow Christmas trees.

The Best Ways To Grow Christmas Trees

Keep the tree-loving pests away.

Many of the trees that are grown for Christmas are magnets for Weevils, Midges, and Aphids. Not to mention spider and caterpillars who like to spin webs in the needles. Christmas trees are often grown close together which also increases the likelihood of pest infestations. Spraying for these insects usually takes care of the problem. Tree farmers can practice 2 types of spraying which are calendar spraying (timed the same every year) or reaction spraying which occurs immediately when an infestation is found.

Controlling fungus on Christmas trees.

Christmas tree types are also prone to a fungus that spreads rapidly. Spraying fungicide as a pre-treatment is a good way to get a jump on controlling the fungus early. If you find a tree that is already severely affected by fungus, it might be better to remove the tree completely. If multiple trees are infected, a new growth plan should be implemented that includes planting trees farther apart.

Should I water the Christmas trees I am growing?

Christmas trees that are established are pretty drought tolerant. They only require regular watering in times of extreme drought. In the first year of growing, seedlings must be watered weekly from late spring to early fall. Using less water with the trees can actually help to keep fungus at bay.

What type of soil should I grow the Christmas trees in?

If you haven’t planed the seedlings yet, you should test your soil before doing so. The soil’s PH should be between 6.5 to 6.8 for the most common types of Christmas trees. The soil should also drain well and not contain any clay. If at all possible, the seedlings should be planted on a slope. A 5% to 20% soil slope will ensure good water drainage and air circulation.

Do I have to weed often around growing Christmas trees?

Growers need to keep track of weeds and other plants that are growing around their new seedlings. Weeds and the other growing plants can easily starve a growing tree of water and nutrients. A pre-emergent herbicide will help in getting a head start in weed control. Many farmers will actually start their weed control 2 weeks prior to planting. You may find that you have to create your own weed control program in accordance with the individual growing conditions of the area you are planting in.

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