Grass Seed Germination Time

Grass Seed Germination Time

Valley Green is one of the top grass seed suppliers in the northeast. Our custom grass seed blends are one of our most popular products. Spring is coming and many of our customers will now be out seeking grass seed for seasonal planting and overseeding. Grass seed germination time varies between different grass seed types. Knowing the grass seed germination time of the type you want to plant will determine when you plant it. Planting quick germinating grass seed too soon can lead to damage from cold weather and planting it too late can problems with growth in the summer heat. Here are the grass seed germination times for the types of seed that we sell.

Kentucky Bluegrass: This type of grass seed has one of the longer germination times. It takes about fourteen to thirty days to germinate. It is a hardy type of grass but tends to grow better in cooler weather. Take this into account when planting this seed. Early spring is a good time to plant providing there is a low possibility of frost.

Perennial Ryegrass: This type of grass has one of the quicker germinating times. Perennial Ryegrass takes about five to ten days to germinate. The soil temperature should be between 55 degrees and 65 degrees. It is best planted earlier in spring so that the grass has time to take root before the stress of summer heat hits.

Fine Fescue: Fescue takes about ten to fourteen days to germinate. It should be planted when the air temperature is between 50 and 65 degrees. Any extreme temperature fluctuation can cause the seed to go dormant or not germinate. Before planting, be sure to do a thorough weeding as Fescue grows better without the competition of weeds.

Creeping Red Fescue: Red Fescue germinates in about twelve to twenty-two days. We often mix this seed with our Perennial Ryegrass or Bluegrass. It grows best in shade is most of our customers use it for cover on parks, roadsides, lawns, fairways, cemeteries, airfields, and other turf areas.

If you have any questions about the type of grass of seed you should plant, our experts would love to talk with you. We have 7 locations in the northeast.

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