The Benefits of Using Early Order Programs in Landscaping

The Benefits of Using Early Order Programs in Landscaping

Valley Green just announced our early order programs for 2022. All of these early order programs were set up with many of our major manufacturers such as Syngenta, Bayer, and PBI Gordon. The benefits of using early order programs in landscaping are many. They often save time, money, and resources. Check out our new page on our early order programs and enjoy our article this week on the benefits of using early order programs in landscaping.

The Benefits of Using Early Order Programs in Landscaping

Early order programs can get ahead of price increases.
With many prices rising on materials, this could mean trouble for you. Signing up for an early order program can help you get ahead of the price increases by locking in that price. Not only will some manufacturers lock their prices in, but you also may be able to take advantage of cash discounts, reward points, and extended terms.

Early order programs can help manage your inventory.
When you lack the materials to do a job, work can be delayed or stopped. This has two detrimental effects; your client will be angry, and you will not get paid for the job. Keeping inventory stocked can help you make sure you and your team can finish jobs on time and efficiently. Early order programs often help you forecast your inventory levels based on your past purchases. This will ensure you have the proper amount of inventory all season long.

Early order programs can increase your cash flow.
Cash flow is always a concern for business owners. It is no different for landscapers. Cash flow issues are very common early in the season when unexpected expenses pop up and job payments are slow. Strategic purchases can help with cash flow worries when you use an early order program. Many manufacturers offer a pay later in the season option when the cash flow is better for your business.

Early order programs can help with day-to-day operations.
Nothing is worse on a landscape job than having to wait for materials to finish it. Having your crew members drive back and forth to pick up the supplies you need to finish a job costs money, time, resources. With the current labor shortage, your employee resources may already be very limited. Participating in an early order program can streamline your daily operations by ensuring you already have the inventory on the job site.

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